Kecia Nyman Fashion

Kecia Nyman was in demand for over a decade. Her glamorous modeling assignments took her all over the world including India, Iran, Spain, USA, Germany, Italy, Sardinia and many other locations. Her face was seen everywhere. Not only was she sought after for beauty ads and covers but she was also prized for her fashion…

Kecia Nyman – Beauty Ads

  One of the most prolific models of the Sixties and early Seventies is Finish beauty, Kecia Nyman. Her face never failed to sell, as her classic beauty appealed to women consumers all over the world. Whether she appeared in a Revlon ad shot by Richard Avedon or the smallest knitting magazine, women bought the…

Jolie Jones

In 1964, at the tender age of eleven, Jolie Jones, daughter of legendary musician Quincy Jones, was introduced to Eileen Ford, founder of the world-renowned modeling agency, who invited her to join the Ford Models. At the age of fifteen, Jolie was the first African American to adorn the cover of “Mademoiselle” magazine and appear…


Charly Stember was the iconic face of Charlie perfume. She appeared in major fashion magazines and ads. We hope to feature an interview in the near future.

Sunny Griffin

What was your worst modeling experience?

Honest to God, I don’t have any bad memories. It was a wonderful ride and I
loved every moment of it. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Were there
painful moments? Of course. Remember, I was no great beauty, I was just
photogenic. How about the time I arrived at a booking a little early as always (we
insecure types always try to over compensate) and since no one spoke to me, I
just sat in the waiting area. An hour and a half later I hear the studio assistant
screaming at the agency because the model wasn’t there. They all saw me but no
one could imagine I was the model!

Ford in 1979

Betsy Cameron was a popular Ford model throughout the 1970s: Photographer: Carmen Schiavone In the late 1970s, Betsy added a second career as a professional photographer. In her book, Lisanne: A Young Model (Clarkson N. Potter, 1979), the model-turned-photographer recorded the day-to-day life of 14-year-old Lisanne Falk after she signed with Ford Models: Included in…

Legendary Art Director Nick LaMicela

Where would the models be without the photographers, hair and make-up artists, editors and very importantly the Art Directors? An art director oversees the art, i.e. the photographs that appear in newspapers, magazines, ad campaigns and on book covers. An art director is usually the person who oversees the entire design department, working with photo…

Heather Hewitt

by Linda Morand SUPER MODELS HALL OF FAME Nominee, Heather Hewitt is a Los Angeles based actress and model, writer and producer. Although she considers herself a country girl at heart, her career has been long and and very glamorous. Heather is an ageless beauty and a very talented painter, sculptor, and chef.  She is…

Veruschka- Artist and Model

  By Linda Morand As a young woman, I was fortunate to meet Veruschka three times.   Every time it was like being in the presence of someone very special.The first time was in Rome in 1969. She was legendary having appeared in countless spreads in Vogue and every top fashion magazine, as well as having…