Legendary Art Director Nick LaMicela

Where would the models be without the photographers, hair and make-up artists, editors and very importantly the Art Directors?

An art director oversees the art, i.e. the photographs that appear in newspapers, magazines, ad campaigns and on book covers. An art director is usually the person who oversees the entire design department, working with photo editors and editors to coordinate what images will match up with what words.

More than simply assigning a photographer or illustrator to create an
image, an art director works on creating visual concepts and the specific look and feel of the entire magazine, or ad campaign ensuring there’s a unified visual look throughout.

From Mulberry Street to Paris to 5th Avenue
Nick LaMicela is legendary in the advertising world. His creative career crosses all the borders of city, country, time & space.

His resume includes advertising campaigns for Saab, Chanel, Fujitsu, Ebel, Bacardi, Revlon, Perrier, Oil of Olay, Cartier, American Tobacco, Lancôme, L’Oréal, Kerastase, Givenchy and countless other international brands.

Nick has more than an eye for design but also a discerning eye for talent. He introduced Isabella Rossellini to Lancôme, which resulted in the development of one of the most successful and enduring international campaigns in the beauty industry.

Other truly notable campaigns include the Chanel campaign featuring Catherine DeNeuve, Oil of Olay’s “Woman Around the World” and the award-winning Fringe Campaign for L’Oréal Féria Haircolor.

LaMicela directed numerous television commercials and print campaigns in both the US and Europe. Eliciting the very best from the finest TV, film and stage actors including Catherine Deneuve, Barbara Felden, Isabella Rossellini, Raquel Welch, Kelly Le Brock, Milla Jojovich, Andie McDowell, Jessica Biel, Beyonce Knowles, Natalie Imbruglia and Penelope Cruz.

In 1997, armed with almost 40 years of experience, he opened his own creative house based in New York City, called La Micela NY.

“My vision: A breath of fresh air. Where ideas and inspiration flourish. Where relationships are built on high standards and mutual respect. Where innovative creative work comes from a deep understanding of my client and their consumer base — heart and soul.” Nick La Micela

In 2000, La Micela NY was named the agency of record to L’Oréal Paris. His agency became ‘L’Oreal’s secret weapon’, reviving existing brands and launching new products when other agencies could not produce.

The impressive body of work includes the launches of the following haircolor brands: Féria Haircolor, ColorSpa for Men, and many more, creatng many modeling jobs.

Many of his campaigns spanned beyond national print to outdoor venues: Times Square billboards, Grand Central Station Domination, phone kiosks, bus shelters, wild postings, taxi-tops & billboards across the country.

“L’Oréal gave me the opportunity to approach each project with the kind of creativity and innovation that builds brands for today and tomorrow. I believe in creativity with a purpose. Not mere technique or passing trends but insight that goes beyond the expected — and into the imagination…”

For Fashion and Beauty History here is a small retrospective of Nick‘s work.

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In the 1970s, actress Catherine Deneuve was the face of Chanel No. 5 perfume. She was featured in very successful print and television ad campaigns that are remembered to this day. 14 NEW magazine ads have been posted in the 60s Ad Campaigns Album: Chanel Album. Here is a sampling:

The art director was the legendary Nick LaMicela.