Ford in 1979

Betsy Cameron was a popular Ford model throughout the 1970s:
Photographer: Carmen Schiavone
In the late 1970s, Betsy added a second career as a professional photographer. In her book, Lisanne: A Young Model (Clarkson N. Potter, 1979), the model-turned-photographer recorded the day-to-day life of 14-year-old Lisanne Falk after she signed with Ford Models:
Included in her book were behind-the-scenes photographs of the Ford Models agency:
Eileen Ford, Brooke Shields & Lisanne
Jerry & Eileen Ford
Lisanne commented:
Ford is the largest modeling agency in the world. But it’s not impersonal, or snobbish, or anything. Eileen and Jerry Ford, the owners, are like the super-parents of one gigantic family. They even throw Christmas parties for all the kids in the Children’s Division.
Betsy, Lisanne and Claudia Black, Head of the Children’s Division
1979 Ford Models Head Sheet – Women’s Division
1979 Ford Models Head Sheet – Children’s Division
Susan Camp
Senior Editor & Archivist