Veruschka – Her Fabulous Book with David Wills

Veruschka, the Russian born supermodel of the 60’s, has teamed with author David Wills to write a book about her life and career. Veruschka, born Vera von Lehndorff, was born into a wealthy family in 1939. Her father was a German count and her mother a countess.

However, since the age of five, Veruschka’s life has been traumatic. Her father, “was executed for attempting to assassinate Adolf Hitler,” was homeless after World War II and suffered from serious depression in 1974, according to Wikipedia.

Veruschka studied art in Hamburg and then, at the age of 20, was discovered by photographer Ugo Mulas. She then moved to New York to join the Ford Modeling Agency. At first she was not accepted as a model because she was much too tall and unusual looking.  So she returned to Europe for awhile and returned to the US as an artist.  Using her German title as a mysterious countess from near the border of East Germany, she got an appointment with Richard Avedon.  She did not bring a portfolio.

Avedon was fascinated by her and asked her if she would mind going over to Vogue to meet Diana Vreeland. She became Vreeland’s muse and was featured in hundreds of pages of Vogue and on several covers. Veruschka has worked with Salvador Dali, photographer Peter Beard and had a brief, but sexy appearance in the 1966 cult film Blowup.

“In 1985, she entered the art world, putting on a body-painting show in Tribeca; her naked body, she was painted with different outfits transforming her into wild animals and several archetypes, such as film stars, dandies, gangsters, and dirty old men,” according to Wikipedia.

‘Veruschka’ the book was published by Assouline, for its The Ultimate Collection series, and will be released in a limited edition in September. With such a remarkable life on which to write about and substantial collection of gorgeous images ‘Veruschka’ will be a coffee table book for all interested in fashion, history and photography.
May 1967 Queen Magazine