How We Started miniMadMOD60s

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miniMadMOD60s is a group of volunteer editors who find and post as many photographs of the top models of the Sixties, as well as the Fifties and Seventies

Every picture here was sent in by an interested party.  Sometimes it is the model herself, or a family member.  At other times, photographers, editors, and stylists have sent us pictures of someone they would not want to see forgotten as we speed further into the Twenty-First Century.

Today if you are not on the web, you are not relevant to a large portion of society.  We have made it our mission to make sure that not one of these classic images is forgotten.To read more about how this unique website was started and grew to an archive of over 15,000 images click here.Be sure to come back for articles and stories by and about the models.This is a dynamic ever-changing archive.  As more models are rediscovered and more pictures contributed, this museum will continue to grow.

If you, your family member or your favorite models are missing from these archives, please contact us.

We will make
every effort to add your suggested model to the

data base



Linda Morand, Susan Camp, Bonnie Thomas, Alex Dayrell, “Vogue Spirit”,  “Model History”

 Dolores Hawkins, Willy van Rooy, Joan Thompson, “GeorgesDaughter”, “ModelBrat60s” PJOHenry,

Terri Smith, Jaan Stephens, Susan Brainard, “Angora Sox”, Kecia Nyman, Tracy Weed,

Kathy Davis, Mona Grant, Dorthe Holme, Ulla Anderson, Moyra Swan, Pat Evans and many more.