Ulla Bomser

The unique face of Ulla Bomser was everywhere during 1965-1968 and after. She was a Danish import, discovered by Eileen Ford and invited to come to New York. Ulla was one of the first models to sport a Vidal Sassoon haircut, which made her stand out amongst the other gorgeous Scandinavian models taking New York by storm in the Sixties. Her straight strong blonde hair was ideal for the head hugging ergonomic asymmetrical cut which help to springboard them both to fashion stardom.

1965 Ulla Bomser and Vidal Sassoon
1967 Ulla Bomser in a shorter cut a couple of years later,
1968 Ulla Bomser was a chameleon in this double page spread which featured saveral hair pieces and extensions.
Ulla Bomser
Ulla Bomser
Ulla Bomser Celebrity Endorsement


Ulla Bomser Coty

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